Port Checking

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Port Checking

Postby Razkevin » 11. August 2008 04:38

I Did A Open port Check, @ http://www.canyouseeme.org/

I have A Linksys Router Along With Portforwarded Of Port 80,
When I Checked The Site, Port Is Having Problem.....I'm Having

I Do Think My ISP Is Blocking 80, How Do I Unblock It.
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Port checking

Postby ukprotect » 11. August 2008 12:47

What exactly do you want to do?
if you want to host your own websites then you need to open port 80 and port 53. Port 53 will be for your DNS server
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Postby admindell » 15. August 2008 05:30

does xampp come with DNS server??
I am creating a web admin panel for windoes xampp!

its called xDPanel.
the home page i have created can be found here. and please note that it is still under construction!
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Postby glitzi85 » 15. August 2008 13:24

admindell wrote:does xampp come with DNS server??

No, and as the configuration of an DNS-Server is very specific for every Network it would also not make any sense.

@Razkevin: Ignore ukprotects post, it is absolutely wrong!

If your Provider is reallly blocking Port 80 then you cannot do anything. Is offering a Webserver forbidden in the contract with your ISP?

To know what you have done please post some details. You forwarded Port 80 from your Router to where? What IP Address are you using internal? What is the exact error message from this testsite?

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