How do you configure 2 or more SSL virtual hosts?

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How do you configure 2 or more SSL virtual hosts?

Postby ukprotect » 10. August 2008 19:02

How does one configure 2 or more SSL virtual hosts in xampp?

I have registered 2 domains and host them on my xampp server.
I am able to configure SSL on one virtual host but when I do the same on the second one, it will always use the SSL certificate of the first virtual host, and so a user will always get a warning message.

Is apache able to host more than 1 SSL virtual host? and if so, how do I configure this.

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Postby glitzi85 » 29. August 2008 18:40


you have to configure them on two different IPs, it is not possible to serve two different Domains over one IP (even and are different Domains!).

For example:

Code: Select all
Listen *:443
NameVirtualHost IP1:443
NameVirtualHost IP2:443

<VirtualHost IP1:443>
   DocumentRoot /path
   #Configuring SSL with Cert for

<VirtualHost IP2:443>
   DocumentRoot /path2
   #Configuring SSL with Cert for

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