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phpMyadmin Features Dictionary

Postby Granpoh » 10. August 2008 09:48

Fact - I'm a major noob at all this.

Question - I just created a table within phpMyadmin and am at the place where you set all the values for the table, i.e. Field, Type, Length/Values, Collation, Attributes, Null, Default, Extra, etc., and am thinking to myself "Is there any kind of index that explains what each of these features do?" This is all so Greek to me.

Thanks for all assistance
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Postby Dave_L » 10. August 2008 11:52

I don't think the phpMyAdmin documentation covers that. Since phpMyAdmin is simply a user interface to MySQL, the MySQL manual explains all that:

It can be hard to locate details in that manual, but the information is there.

In this case, I would search for things such as "create table", "alter table" or "column types".
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Postby Granpoh » 11. August 2008 09:45

Thanks Dave. I'll check that out.
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