Images and CSS rarely load in their entirety

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Images and CSS rarely load in their entirety

Postby microugly » 07. August 2008 02:31

I'm running XAMPP on my desktop (Windows XP SP3) to test code with. I'm finding that more often than not the CSS and images for when I opening a page do not load completely.

It's extremely frustrating because I'm trying to troubleshoot CSS layout problems but I sometimes it's not obvious that all the CSS didn't load. It's perhaps made worse because my CSS is split into 10 files so it only takes one file to not load to break things.

I get this behaviour in all major browsers. I've seen the FAQ Pictures and style Sheets are not displayed! and tried both turning EnableSendfile/EnableMMAP on and off without any change and I'm not running netlimiter. My firewall is also turned off.
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Postby admindell » 15. August 2008 05:27

it sounds that your ISP gave you limmated ammount of BW, or has a limmate on your conection. please contact them for some info, else,
try reinstalling xampp, maby somthing whent worng..
I am creating a web admin panel for windoes xampp!

its called xDPanel.
the home page i have created can be found here. and please note that it is still under construction!
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