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Can I Modify XAMP

PostPosted: 03. August 2008 23:13
by sarmadhassan
I dont know the appropriate forum section for posting legal issues.. sorry to moderators :?

The Question Is:

Can i modify XAMP in a way that all credits to the developers stays there. Actually i want users of various CMS to just download my modified XAMP package. And if i can modify.. then, can i change the name "XAMP" too.. It will be just a help to developers of CMS.. and i got no intentions of using the program commercially.. it will be free with all licenses and credits intact. All I'll be doing is modifying and changing the actually name XAMP?

Please reply

PostPosted: 04. August 2008 01:50
by Razkevin
Are U From The Habbo Community?

PostPosted: 04. August 2008 11:45
by sarmadhassan
nops.. :?

PostPosted: 04. August 2008 17:27
by sarmadhassan
anybody to reply this one.. please !!!!!! :cry:

PostPosted: 17. August 2008 19:56
by sarmadhassan
i dont know what the hell is wrong with the community????