noob question about web hosting

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noob question about web hosting

Postby hydraconsole » 03. August 2008 03:04


I'm a complete noob about hosting a website on my windows xp. I'm probably on the wrong forum but can anybody tell me how to host a site? I've installed XAMPP already but have no idea how to host a site. I already know about forwarding ports on my router but that's about it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

complete noob
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Postby Nobbie » 03. August 2008 16:02

Search for "DynDNS" in this forum and via google.
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Postby Vulcan219 » 31. August 2008 09:30

Once you look up DynDns, you want to setup a web domain through them for free, with a dynamic site, then go to their page that has their updater and download that and install it, and put in the website you are using on DynDns and setup the program to be active, as long as your computer is running, it will point to your external IP for all to access your site within your computer,

The program is simple and easy to install and start.
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Postby w4vy » 31. August 2008 14:28

OR goto and use thier FREE service and updater. that's if you actually need such a service anyway if you have a static IP then you don't. To host a site you have to make a site or use templates and then you have to place them inside the htdocs folder which is @ /xampp/htdocs/

Hope that helps you
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