Apache does not start...

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Postby savantcreative » 23. August 2008 22:00

I have changed the correct file. If I repeatedly press the start buttom the green light comes on for about 1/2 second and then disappears.
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Postby w4vy » 23. August 2008 23:00

savantcreative wrote:I have changed the correct file. If I repeatedly press the start buttom the green light comes on for about 1/2 second and then disappears.

To be honest with you m8 I can't help you much more as I just don't know enough. But if it was me though I would Uninstall EVERYTHING to do with Xampp, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin -Totally get rid of the lot and then search the registry for all keys entered there for xampp, apache, mysql, php, phpadmin, just do a search of the registry for apache and then delete all found keys and again do the same for mysql and so on. BUT FIRST remember to uninstall the apache and mysql services if you installed them as a service when you initially installed xampp. Then you can run the xampp uninstaller or you will have problems later on.

And then I would Delete ALL the Temp files in each of the temp folders including internet explorer temp files and firefox cache and then I would Reboot the computer and start again.

I would first of all make a partition on my Hard drive for how ever much room as you require to run your sites with an extra few MB's of HD space just incase and then I would install xampp onto the newly created partition but not before I had formatted the partition first. And then I would hopefully find that Everything is working fine ;) Do all that and i'm sure it will work for you.

Regards, w4vy

p.s an hours work tops m8 (depending on how big you make the partition because of formatting times)
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Postby savantcreative » 23. August 2008 23:04

Thanks for all of your help. It has been most appreciated.

Best regards- :)
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Postby ClaudiuCC » 24. August 2008 00:26

I think you have another program using the port 80
If you have skype installed, close it from task manager when running the xampp. you'll find in task manager 2 trays: skype and skypepm; remove them both

also check this link..it might help http://www.apachefriends.org/en/faq-xam ... s.html#cpu
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Apache does not start

Postby Jadmin » 24. August 2008 04:52

Since my last post and thank you to those who have tried to help, I have done a couple more re-installs and un-installs. For those running VISTA Ultimate, click on the install folder on your desktop and click properties. You may find a message stating, that this program has been blocked as it has come from another computer. By clicking OK within the properties box clears the message, but does' not fix the problem.

I have everything working except Apache? I don't know what this is?
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Postby tngator » 27. August 2008 02:46

I just had this same problem with my otherwise flawless installation.....lol, I had mysql checked to run as a service and got the exact same error. Make sure the box to the left side of the mysql isn't ticked.[/img]
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Postby ninostar » 28. August 2008 18:35

I have same problem... I tried to update the php.ini file and I don't have that update file installed.

What could be wrong? Apache used to work fine...
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What worked for me.

Postby OT » 29. August 2008 21:39

I've had to solve this exact problem twice on my XP pro installation (I do have service pack 3, but didn't with the initial installation of xampp). I first installed xampp on a laptop where I was playing with NetBeans and ruby. It worked perfectly and I liked it so much better than what I had on the XP pro box that I decided to install there. I had Wamp installed on the pro box and it does not come with an uninstall script. Hand removal and going into the services panel to shut the Wamp services down solved the problem. I do most of my work on my Mac and so didn't use the system for a few weeks, but saw the NetBeans 6.5 and wanted to do some updates on my wife's site which I wrote using codeigniter on the XP system with the Wamp stuff. I couldn't start Apache, same error as before--no apparent services running, nothing that I could see. Read this forum and saw the note about Skype--wife went to Thailand for 3 weeks on business--we'd just put Skype up to save some money and keep in touch. Shut it down. Problem solved for a second time. Thanks for the help.
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