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Problem reading PHP script

PostPosted: 31. July 2008 00:07
by Mycopsycho
I've just installed XAMPP and wrote a short PHP script to test it out. But I keep receiving an error message at the first line of PHP. All the HTML up to the first line of PHP is okay. This is the error message:

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in C:\xampp\htdocs\dummiesTesting\test.php on line 12"

I'm just learning PHP so this is a really simple script taken from one of the Dummies books.

Any help appreciated.

PostPosted: 31. July 2008 17:24
by Dave_L
Can you post the script here (if it's not long)?

PostPosted: 01. August 2008 21:21
by Mycopsycho
Problem taken care of. I uninstalled XAMPP. Then after disconnecting my DSL modem and router, shutting down ZoneAlarm, and my antivirus s/w and my spyware s/w, I reinstalled XAMPP. Everything installed perfectly and all my PHP scripts display as they should. I'm in business.