xampp, windows and ffmpeg

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xampp, windows and ffmpeg

Postby mrocha » 29. July 2008 12:16


I'm trying to build a website in flash and php. I want to upload video and convert it fo flv, and then store it into a database.

I'm doing my tests in xampp, but i can'y install ffmpeg. I've read a lot of posts and tutorials but it doesn't work.

Can anyone explain me how to? I'm getting crazy with that!

Another thing I don't understand: where download ffmpeg? I've found sites with *.exe, other with *.dll, and other with folders and lots os files!


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Postby glitzi85 » 30. July 2008 11:55


i never worked with ffmepg so don't nail me down to what i write ;-)

Try to install a binary package for Windows, like this one: http://arrozcru.no-ip.org/ffmpeg_builds/

Then it should be possible to invoke ffmpeg via execute() or system() from PHP. For example:

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system('C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i C:\temp\foo.wav -ar 22050 C:\tmp\bar.mp2');

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Postby mrocha » 30. July 2008 16:38

it really works!

i never thought the solution could be so simple....
there are people talking about compile files, and install compilers and extensions.... :?

thanks a lot!!

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