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mySql is not running in xampp 1.6.7

PostPosted: 25. July 2008 07:21
by akaki
Hi Guyes,
I've installed xampp 1.6.7 using the installar. Everything was ok, except mySql. this service is not running. when I try to open phpMyAdmin, the I m getting error.
I've checked in the controll, but It's showing that apache is running, but
mySql is disabled. How can I enable it? I m totally stuck here... :(

PostPosted: 26. July 2008 00:01
by Danodemano
Double click on the mysql service, then change the dropdown from "Disabled" to "Automatic", then click OK. You can now right click on the service and start it. It will also auto-start when Windows does.

wamp & xampp - difference

PostPosted: 28. July 2008 08:00
by akaki
Hi Dano,
Thanks for reply. I've solvddthe problem with re insyallation. Now apache&mysql are running autometically. But I've some question:

Actually, I used wamp server(I hope u know bout wamp). In wamp, after 1 click, a window was appared with total list of projects. Then just click on the name & index page open in browser autmetically. But don't u think that, in xampp, its quite complex. I mean we need to open browser, then type some texts i address bar & don't see my others projects...It's only my comments.

what do u think? Or I m missing something to use xampp 1.6.7???

PostPosted: 29. July 2008 02:54
by Danodemano
I'm not quite sure that I follow. But if you open a browser and put in http://localhost/ you should see the xampp splash screen.

If you want to access any of your projects (HTML pages??) you will have to place them into the xampp/htdocs directory. You can create sub-directory's for them, then access them in the format http://localhost/somefolder/

I hope that's what you're after!