Cannot access sites

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Cannot access sites

Postby Xaria » 25. July 2008 07:08

I have installed Xampp succesfully
I installed phpbb3 forums. I can access the forums on my localhost.
But when I try to access it over LAN I am not able to.
I edited the apache httpd.conf file and changed ServerName to
Now when I try to access from a pc on the netowk I get network timeout.
I have checked for firewall also, there is no firewall.

Any suggestions, hints?
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Postby benza » 26. July 2008 03:50

I am not sure the problem is on the LAN or phpbb, but we can try to check if your server is ok by doing this:

create simple page (print "hello.." on the browser) then try to access over your LAN.
if this is work, then we can assume that your LAN is fine, then check the phpbb configuration.

Also, try access the page on low traffic. try when there's no one using LAN..
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Postby Nobbie » 26. July 2008 10:11

What is the value of the "LISTEN" option in httpd.conf?

Can you open the site on the server pc itself when you enter in your browser (instead of localhost)?
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Postby benza » 27. July 2008 15:40

yes of course, the ip will point to the pc itself..
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Postby Xaria » 28. July 2008 11:07

The value of LISTEN in httpd.conf is 80.
Yes I can access the phpbb3 from the server itself using the IP.

I created a sample helloworld.html and bump.. I cannot access that either

Well, I have checked my router also and port 80 is open and
netstat - an tells me that server is listening on port 80

I have used up all my debugging knowledge so far..

Appreciate all your help.
Thanks a lot.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, I had a Symantec Firewall running. Now, all is well, am able to access my forums
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Postby Xaria » 29. July 2008 07:06


I am not able to acess any page now. I was able to yesterday... but today evrything is failing. I get Network timeout message

Please help
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Postby Nobbie » 29. July 2008 10:20

>Please help

How? We know nothing(!) about what happened between yesterday and today.
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Re: Cannot access sites

Postby LooseCannon » 29. July 2008 14:57

Hello Xaria. You might be making things more complicated than need be with the overall server configuration. I refer to:

Xaria wrote:... I edited the apache httpd.conf file ...

That might cause issues with functions of the web server than you don't want to touch or even realise you're affecting.

Please have a look at "virtual hosts", ie search these forums for "virtual hosts" or try

Note that the main httpd.conf file points to the configuration at C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra. Take a look inside httpd-vhosts.conf.

Oh, and backup before any changes are made.... of course. ;)

How about restoring the original vhosts.conf file and then playing with httpd-vhosts.conf?

Regarding access from the LAN, please confirm how you're actually trying to do so. For example, do you type in a web browsers address bar? I assume that

And as Nobbie says, we don't know what you've tried, let alone what's succeeded or failed,,, let alone what's changed.
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