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FTP records of people loging in with admin account

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 21:51
by admindell
i was looking over my logs today, and i found that some one keeps trying to log into the adminastrator account in my server...

i traced the ip's and one whent to a asian web site, and another i found traced back to somewhere in japan

how can i block them out of my server?

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 23:17
by ToXiCaTioN.d
There is a easy way to only allow you to access your FTP.

Open up the FileZilla Server and follow these steps:

Denying access to non-authorized users.
1. Once the server screen is opened, and you can see the logs, click Edit then Settings at the top.
2. Under "General Settings" find "Ip Filter."
3. Under the first box, put a asterisk. (*)
4. Under the second box, put your IP address.

For more security, you can also do this:

1. Leave the settings window open, and find "autoban."
2. Edit the tables there to suit your needs.

The first option will defiantly work 100%, while the second will work if the unknown login attempts are unable to be logged in, therefore after so many attempts they will get banned for a period of time.

Good luck.