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help with database

PostPosted: 23. July 2008 22:21
by avantguardia
help me.i am newbie in this sql.i have XAMPP and i created database.I used DREAMWEAVER to build something.question:where is my database?i mean,i found it and i work with it.i am interested how i can use it to put this on the server?
thank you.

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 04:24
by sckoh
Did you set DB name and password already?
Do you want to know what to do in order to upload to server?
If everything is finished on DB, do you want to show DB contents on web page?
Then, make sub folder in htdocs and link html or php pages.

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 08:23
by avantguardia
I want to make site in Dreamweaver and upload it to the server.I created database in XAMPP and work in dreamwever,everything is ok.But,i am interested,now when i created and everything is ok,how do i transfer that entire site on the server?

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 10:44
by sckoh
If you set and finish XAMPP completely, you finished Server installation.
All you have to do at next stage would be to hire your own domain name.

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 11:07
by avantguardia
but,which file i should upload to the server?where is it?

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 12:44
by sckoh
XAMPP folder is your local server.
Therefore, you need to connect local server to internet.
You can do that if you get your own domain name else, use hosting company.

PostPosted: 24. July 2008 14:29
by avantguardia
so,you tell me that ihave to upload whole XAMPP folder in order to work?

PostPosted: 26. July 2008 03:59
by benza

1. have you register a domain or host?
2. if so, ask your hosting admin, since different hosting company will different setting. Also ask how to create DB on the server and how to access phpmyadmin on the server.
3. use FTP sotware to upload your files: filezilla, cute FTP, wsftp, etc.
4. configure your DB name, password, DB server on your connection.