Apache NP Pool and xampp

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Apache NP Pool and xampp

Postby shadow21 » 21. July 2008 12:03

Hi all

I have just taken a server over and have been asked to manage apache on it for the time being. I am no expert so please have patience as new to all this.

History of Server
The Server is used for storing images of houses from our Valuation manager. Pics are uploaded via a perl routine. And can be viewed via apache. We also have fop on the server which generates pdf brochures.

Problem 1
Xammp, is it normal to have apache.exe x2 in the process list within task manager? When I stop xampp using the control panel both apache.exe processes disappear, then appear in list when started. Is this the norm with xampp? ie 2 x apache.exe in the process list.

Problem 2 - The Main issue
Firstly the backup failed on this server because out of memory. Upon checking event viewer I noticed the following error
Event ID 1000
Faulting application apache.exe, version, faulting module msvcrt.dll, version 7.0.3790.0

I then trawled the net as in backup exec I had the error:
Backup- RSSNCL3IMS1AOFO: Initialization failure on: "Shadow?Copy?Components". Advanced Open File Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
Snapshot provider error (0x8007000E): Ran out of memory
Check the Windows Event Viewer for details.

So checked event viewer: and noticed the following
Event ID: 5
The shadow copy of volume C: could not be created due to insufficient non-paged memory pool for a bitmap structure.

I then added NP Pool into the task manager list and noticed Apache is Taking up 4GB of NP Pool Memory
When I restart apache via the control panel this reappears and all is ok.
Problem is after 2 to 4 hours it just fills up again..?

The only thing I have found is upgrading to 2.2.9 of apache? Has anyone else had this problem before?

1 Is it correct that xampp spawns 2x apache.exe - I hope so.
2 Anyone had the same issues above with apache taking 4gb+ of non paged pool memory? Does 2.2.9 fix this issue?

Hardware and Software details below
Windows 2003 Standard
4gb Memory
ProLiant DL580 G2
Veritas Backup software 10

I thin the version inside of this is apache2.2.8

Thanks in advance Dave
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Re: Apache NP Pool and xampp

Postby tholyoak » 17. August 2011 18:45

Yes, it is normal to have 2 Apache processes running (they're called httpd.exe on my server). No, I don't believe it's normal for Apache to be taking 4GB of memory. I usually restart mine when it's taking a large amount (still < 1 GB), but it takes weeks or months to get there with the amount of traffic I have.
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Re: Apache NP Pool and xampp

Postby JonB » 17. August 2011 20:33

did you notice the original post is THREE YEARS OLD?

so the information about memory usage is basically useless to those on current (or close to it) versions of the Apache/XAMPP builds.

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