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Problem with mysql client side for creating the database..

PostPosted: 21. July 2008 06:55
by sagar002100
I m beginner with php.I have installed xampp-win32-1.6.6a-installer.
and i m using Windows SP-2.
all things are running fine. (apache,MySQL).I also check a basic php script.There is no problem. But now i want to create database with mysql. For that,,mysql client side, i tried to open mysql.exe in my C:\xampp\mysql\bin folder.. When i do double click on that mysql.exe, i get a beep sound.and client program doesnt start.
please help.. or show me the way to create that database..

PostPosted: 21. July 2008 10:39
by Dave_L
mysql.exe is a command-line utility. To use it, you need to run it from a command-prompt window. It's documented here: ... lient.html

But phpMyAdmin is easier to use: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

PostPosted: 21. July 2008 16:08
by sagar002100
can u give me some guidance about phpMyAdmin..means how to initialize the database in it and how to connect it with php file..

PostPosted: 21. July 2008 16:18
by Dave_L