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Problem with phpMyAdmin/MySQL

PostPosted: 20. July 2008 17:17
by Danius
Hello all, this is my last resort for help i've been banging my head against a google wall for a week now.

I setup a XAMPP webserver, got it all working fine, people can view my site fine so theres no port issues (i forwarded them)

I installed a phpbb forum, and here comes the problems.

When i try go to my admin panel i get a page cannot be displayed error, sometimes if i hit back and then stop i can manage to get into it.

Also other links give the same error.

I managed to break down the cause of the problem, and it looks like its either phpmyadmin or my mysql.

I say this because when i try go to only the left hand bar works and the right side says page cannot be displayed.

However, if i go onto my webserver computer , localhost/phpmyadmin works perfectly fine.

I beleive it is some how because my mysql and or phpmyadmin is only working for localhost access, and when I or anyone else who trys to view the forum or phpmyadmin from a computer other than the webserver, it is blocking the connection, or something is misconfigured?

I hope i've explain the problem in best possible detail, if you require any more information please say and ill give as much as i can, i've tried everything and hoping someone here can help..