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Installed XAMPP but doesn't seem to have worked.

PostPosted: 19. July 2008 01:21
by paradox1
I have installed XAMPP, but when I type localhost or into the address field, it just comes up 'Connection Interrupted'. I am running Vista. Any ideas?

PostPosted: 19. July 2008 01:43
by Danodemano
What folder did you install it to?
Is the service running?
Did you try to go to instead?
Did you allow port 80 through the Windows firewall (or disable it altogether)?

PostPosted: 19. July 2008 01:55
by paradox1
Ok, it works when I go to 127.0.01 and only sometimes localhost, but not at all when I go to What is wrong?

PostPosted: 19. July 2008 03:39
by Danodemano
localhost doesn't work right in Vista due to an IP6 entry in the hosts file. If you know how to edit this file, you can change the entry for localhost from:
Code: Select all
::1    localhost

Code: Select all    localhost

As for why the IP doesn't work, I wouldn't be sure about that. Though I would probably tend to believe that it's your router. Do you use DHCP for the system? Because it's also possible that it got a different IP than the one that you believed it to be.