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Webmin for windows

Postby ninostar » 17. July 2008 13:18


I've just downloaded Webmin (http://addons.xampp.org/project/5.html), but I don't know how can I install it on windows.

Does anyone knows how to install it?

Thanks :)
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Postby Wiedmann » 17. July 2008 13:20

As you can read on this page:
It's for Linux.
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Postby ninostar » 17. July 2008 13:44

Ohh.. sorry, I must skipped that. Is there any web control panel for windows?
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Postby das7002 » 19. July 2008 19:47

Unfortunately in the server world Windows was never thought to be a server meaning no control panels exist for it they are all for the ever so popular in the server world Linux! (Aka the little penguin that could) :D
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Postby admindell » 21. July 2008 22:48


i cant find one for windoes that supports apache, filezilla, and that pmail thing, i cant get working :P

sooo im createing one, me and another pro coder (im just creating the design of the panel)
I am creating a web admin panel for windoes xampp!

its called xDPanel.
the home page i have created can be found here. and please note that it is still under construction!
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