phpMyAdmin cannot connet to MySQL server after import

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phpMyAdmin cannot connet to MySQL server after import

Postby Becca » 16. July 2008 09:36

I installed XAMPP for Windows (with installer) and all was well. I went into phpMyAdmin and saw the sample databases. At that point, I had NOT created a password for MySQL root user.

I then tried to import a database which I had created on another computer. This database DID have a password for the root user, but at the time, I did not think this mattered once I had exported the data from the old database.

The import did not complete successfully, but I can't really remember what it said at the time. Sorry. After this, I could not get back into phpMyAdmin. The message said that the MySQL server rejected the connection. It suggested that I check host, username and password. Using the XAMPP security module, I discovered that the MySQL server now thinks that there is a password for the root user. I suspect that this somehow happened when I tried to import the other database.

I tried changing the password as per FAQ's but it didn't seem to work.

I then uninstalled the whole XAMPP installation and reinstalled it.

After the reinstallation, I checked via XAMPP Security and it said that there was NO MySQL root password. Yet, when I try to go into phpMyAdmin, it STILL says that the MySQL server rejects the connection.

I suspect that there is a secret file somewhere outside the normal installation area that still says there is a root password ... but I'm no expert.

Does anyone know how I can overcome this problem? Can I somehow get back to no password? If not, how do I find out what it is looking for and how do I change phpMyAdmin to use the correct info when trying to connect to the MySQL server?

Please don't assume that I know very much because I don't. But I'm a tryer. I'm happy to dig into configuration files if I need to, but I need to be told exactly what to do.

Thank you sooooooooo much.
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Postby Nobbie » 16. July 2008 12:27

>Yet, when I try to go into phpMyAdmin, it STILL says that the MySQL server rejects the connection.

Try to delete temporary browser data: cookies, passwords and cache. Then try again.
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Postby LooseCannon » 16. July 2008 13:56

Hello and welcome Becca.

I believe that XAMMP does not put any settings or data outside the c:\xampp folder. Except start menu stuff and the installation information in the registry, but that's just shortcuts and data for the uninstallation.

I'd be very interested to hear if that's not the case.

Please let us know if Nobbie's idea works and how you get on. Thanks.
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phpMyAdmin cannot connet to MySQL server after

Postby Becca » 17. July 2008 01:40

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nobbie's suggestion worked.

I went into Microsoft Expolorer, Tools, Delete Browser History. I chose the "Delete All" option. Just to be sure, I restarted my computer .... and it worked. I can now get into phpMyAdmin.

Thank you sooooooo much for helping.

All the best,
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