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User manual

Postby avantguardia » 16. July 2008 08:34

is there a user manual how to working in XAMPP?
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Postby Nobbie » 16. July 2008 13:37

No, there is no "Xampp" manual, as Xampp is a shortname for different software tools:

X = LinuX
A = Apache
P = Perl

You may download individual manuals for each tool mentioned above, you will find the documentation on the appropriate sites (, etc.).
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Postby LooseCannon » 16. July 2008 13:43

I'd add to the mix.

XAMPP is wonderful and making all the bits fit together. It's a big subject avantguardia and XAMPP is the soft and fluffy starter. :)

Any specific questions on XAMPP, then search this forum and if no joy with that, please ask.
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thank you

Postby avantguardia » 16. July 2008 14:08

thank you very much
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