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first start

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 13:22
by avantguardia
Please let us beginer to know basic elements of XAMPP.
From instalation to work.
Which file should change?
On Apache site i found that must change php.ini and some other file.
Which one?
Please explain whole procedure.Please.
Thank you.

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 13:45
by Nobbie
>Which file should change?


>On Apache site i found that must change php.ini and some other file.

Not for Xampp, only for Apache and PHP installed separately and manually.

>Please explain whole procedure.Please.

Install, start Apache in Xampp Panel, ready.


PostPosted: 11. July 2008 13:49
by avantguardia
Whwn i start writing simple php script,return error is that something is wrong with my settings.
I was on the many web sites and that says that i should change php.ini file?

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 14:05
by Nobbie
You dont need to change php.ini for Xampp.

If there is an error in your script, you should show us the error message and the script. The Xampp scripts run errorfree.


PostPosted: 11. July 2008 14:09
by avantguardia

That i wrote and there is a message from opera browser:

It showing text similar like this:



PostPosted: 11. July 2008 14:10
by avantguardia
where to save my file?

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 14:29
by avantguardia
By the way,
tell me what you think about my site?
Language is serbian,but i am interesting what do you think?

Re: wher?

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 17:04
by Nobbie
avantguardia wrote:where to save my file?

To C:\Xampp\htdocs

And open it in browser via http://localhost/test.php (assuming, that "test.php" is the file name), and *not* via double clicking on it in explorer.

PostPosted: 11. July 2008 18:15
by avantguardia
Thank you
Problem solved.