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SERVER useing ip address

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 13:41
by goldenlamp
Hey every one.

I started up windows 2003 server. and make a connection from a pc to the server, I'd installed Xampp and it opens by ip address in another pc with lan connection...

But I have a problem when I open the // and insert the username and password in logon. It will not return and opens...

The invoice.php is on the server and it works fine from the server, and it can open from there, with user and pass. But not from the remote pc!!
The Config.php is installed OK.

Does someone knows something about the php.ini maby it should be changed in some way. To make it working as an server!!.

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 13:51
by Wiedmann
It will not return and opens...

It opens what?

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 14:50
by goldenlamp
It returns the same site login!!!.. it dosn't opens the index site.... ( on remote pc )

On the server it opens the index when you inter the pass and user...

I can open the mysql and apache on remote pc the same on the server pc..

It have to be something to do with the php.ini. I think....

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 15:16
by Wiedmann
It returns the same site login!!!

You mean, the script doesn't accept your login data?

Have you ask the support for this script about this issue?

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 15:24
by goldenlamp
what is the link for sepport... If you have it because I can't find it...

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 15:27
by Wiedmann
what is the link for sepport...

Sorry, I can't know who have written the PHP script you are using...

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 15:33
by goldenlamp
It's me.. but i'm newbee.. I have been making php for only 3 years.. ( freelancer ) self study..

PostPosted: 09. July 2008 15:36
by Wiedmann
Well, so you have to debug your script and see what happens after you submit the form.

PostPosted: 10. July 2008 11:13
by goldenlamp
It's function with no errors..

PostPosted: 10. July 2008 11:23
by goldenlamp
It's not the php... it's the APACHE PHP.INI that needs to be edited...