Sending email to internet

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Sending email to internet

Postby eboraks » 09. July 2008 04:23

Hello there,

From some reason I cannot send email to the out side world from my local machine - XAMPP running on Windows XP. I know that Mercury is working because I can send email to the default Mercury local admin account.

I look at the log file but it does not include any error messages. See quote below.

T 20080708 224924 4873eedb Connection from
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb HELO LIFEBOOK
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb MAIL FROM:<postmaster@localhost>
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb RCPT TO:<>
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb DATA - 6 lines, 113 bytes.
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb QUIT
T 20080708 224924 4873eedb Connection closed with, 0 sec. elapsed.

In addition I look into mercury.ini file but I am not sure what to look for.

When I try and send email using PHP mail I don't get error message. But the email doesn't get to its destination.

Any ideas will be appreciate.

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Postby Nobbie » 09. July 2008 10:41

Many Email Providers (for example such as or do not deliver emails coming from "unsafe" IPs. Youre private IP is (in their mind) unsafe, as it is a private IP assigned from a mass provider.

For that reason i cannot recommend using MercuryE Full SMTP but instead the MercuryC SMTP Relay Client, which relays the emails via internet to a public SMTP Server, i.e. the SMTP server of your favorite email provider.

See the mercury documentation for detailed information.
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Sending email to the outside world

Postby eboraks » 09. July 2008 12:55

Thank you Nobbie, your explanation make sense.
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