IIS & XAMPP side by side?

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IIS & XAMPP side by side?

Postby jamble » 08. July 2008 18:24


I usually work in php so I'm glad I have xampp installed (on a drive that doesn't have my OS) and I've just got a client who works in asp so I believe I need to set up IIS to work on their files as xampp obviously won't do this.

Does anyone know how I might set up my machine so IIS is running and XAMPP is also available (I can switch one off and the other on if needed) so that when I go to localhost, instead of my xampp stuff showing, it would need to be "switched" to IIS?

I've tried googling but can't seem to find much on this subject so any thoughts very much appreciated!
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Postby Wiedmann » 08. July 2008 19:16

If you must run 2 different webservers on the same pc, both must listen on different ports (default is port 80/443 for both).
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