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getting 'Zend Optimizer not installed' message but it is!

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 12:41
by janowicz
Hi all

I am installing a php cms locally using xampp v1.6.6a - the latest version.

I'm running the cms installer in the browser and am getting a 'Zend Optimizer not installed' message, but according to localhost phpinfo() Zend is installed.

Here's what phpinfo() says:

Zend Optimizer
Optimization Pass 1 enabled
Optimization Pass 2 enabled
Optimization Pass 3 enabled
Optimization Pass 4 enabled
Optimization Pass 9 disabled
Zend Loader disabled
License Path no value
Obfuscation level 0


I have downloaded the latest Zend Optimizer versions 3.3.0a and 3.3.3. Should I install this or would it completely mess up the XAMPP settings?

Thanks in advance

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 12:48
by Wiedmann
You must enable the Zend Loader in "php.ini".

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 13:20
by janowicz
To the best of my knowledge I've enabled the zend loader with the following:
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On

Have rebooted after setting this but am getting exactly the same result as before.

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 14:32
by Milligan

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 14:51
by janowicz
okay, thanks very much for that.
i appear to have solved the zend connundrum ... however, now i've been hit with a Curl error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_version() in C:\XamppServer\xampp\htdocs\tradingeyeTest\installs\index.php on line 145

So, i guess i'll go and have a trawl for curl info as i can't find any reference to curl in my phpinfo() file.


PostPosted: 08. July 2008 14:56
by Milligan

PostPosted: 08. July 2008 15:51
by janowicz
Fixed - Thanks a million!!!