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PostPosted: 02. July 2008 18:29
by rreed
I've installed XAMPP 1.6.6a on my XP Pro machine and have Apache and MySQL running as services. I have accessed my local site and connected to the MySQL database using PHP files. Everything seems to be working. But then, I can only get so far.

I have a database of physician info like name, dob, licenses, etc. My login page works and shows my menu, which includes options to edit, add, delete physician info, as well as an option to display a comprehensive report of all info for all physicians. If I select edit, a list of physicians appears (from the MySQL database). If I select a physician, the fields are empty instead of showing the physician's name, dob, licenses, etc. However, if I select the report option, all the info for all physicians appears. I'm getting no errors.

It seems that fewer clicks will show the data, but deeper "levels" give me nothing. Is there some kind of connection or request limit that I need to change in a config somewhere?

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 01:21
by Milligan

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 02:56
by rreed
Yes, I've looked at the database in phpMyAdmin. All the tables are there, data is in them.

Where is the "facility to clean up any issues that it finds"?

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 03:18
by Milligan

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 03:45
by rreed
Select the table function you wish to perform - Check, Optimize, Repair or Analyze.

Done. All good.

In the left hand menu frame of tables select each table and look for errors in the Indexes box in the right frame and correct accordingly, if any are found.

Only error was "No index defined." Defined indices.

Differing versions of MySQL can be compensated for when importing a database - did you do this when/if importing your database as version compatibility can course issues?

Yup, I checked the versions. Imported as MySQL 40, the most recent version option.

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 03:55
by Milligan

PostPosted: 03. July 2008 04:03
by rreed
Is the table minus an index the table giving issues?

Three of the four tables did not have an index defined, which is how they were set up when they were actually published on another website (and working). Again, though, I've been able to connect to the database and see data that is only two or three clicks deep, but not farther.

The configuration file is located in the \xampp\mysql\bin directory and is called my.cnf or may be just called my (which may look just like a link) - drag this file into your text editor but make a backup (copy of) first before experimenting with the configuration items.

I've seen the my.cnf file and browsed through it, but I'm not sure what I could change that might fix the issue.

PostPosted: 06. July 2008 00:30
by rreed
I notice that in the my.cnf file, there is reference to socket="C:/xampp/mysql/mysql.sock", but there is no mysql.sock file at that location. Does there need to be?

PostPosted: 06. July 2008 01:14
by Milligan

PostPosted: 06. July 2008 21:11
by rreed
Well, I figured it out...

It seems this line works fine with MySQL 4.1.2 which my web host was using:
$sql = "SELECT * FROM docs WHERE Doctor = '$sel_record'";

This is what fixed the problem I was having with the local XAMPP installation:
$sql = "SELECT * FROM docs WHERE Doctor = '$_POST[sel_record]'";

Many thanks for your efforts!