Oracle HTTP Server and xampp

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Oracle HTTP Server and xampp

Postby orware » 01. July 2008 18:36

OK, I need some help on an issue here we have at work. Since a lot of our database work has to do with Oracle, we install some Oracle packages which include the Oracle HTTP Server which is required (and we really can't change it from its default port 80 setting).

We are currently trying to use xampp (together with the PHP version of Eclipse) to setup a local development environment where we can write and test some PHP code.

When we are trying to start xampp however we are getting the make_sock: could not bind to address error (this is using the apache_start.bat file). And when using the xampp-control.exe file it appears as if the program sees the already existing apache.exe process that has been started by the Oracle HTTP server (the reason I can tell is that after changing the port in httpd.conf, xampp-control.exe still shows port 80 which could only mean that it is seeing the Oracle one).

The weird thing is that there is another Apache/MySQL/PHP environment we have tried to get working too, which already uses a different port (85), and it is able to work alright when we try to use it, but we don't want to since it is not integrated into Eclipse the way the xampp one is.

So I have two questions, how can I get the xampp apache working on a different port so that it can coexist with the Oracle HTTP server, and why does the secondary environment (which I believe is using WAMP) work fine when it is started? I'm thinking the answer to the second may help in figuring out the first, but any expertise that can be given on this topic would be very much appreciatedd :-).

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