Pc health missing

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Pc health missing

Postby sham08 » 01. July 2008 15:41

Hello, I've installed XAMPP on my laptop(OS:Win XP SP2) recently.Firstly there were messages said cannot connect to the ports,but after a while another message said I've succesfully connected.And I felt relieved but when I opened the XAMPP control panel,Apache and MySql run normally,but there was also a message said "your pchealth have been removed by an unidentified system or what(I can't remember) and ask me to restore pchealth from my Win XP disc.Due to lack knowledge of computers,I tried accordingly as the message told me to do so but I stopped in the middle of the process (means nothing have I done).So I get back to my browsing the Internet and I've exit and closed XAMPP control panel.This is where my problem started,I can log in my homepage but after I opened 2 to 3 new tabs,my laptop shut down automatically.I tried reconnect for several time and the problem still there.Can anyone out there help me to solve this problem. :?: [/list]
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