PHP, the GD Library and Japanese

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PHP, the GD Library and Japanese

Postby cranbrook3006 » 30. June 2008 14:09

Hi Everyone.

I am trying to output Japanese characters to an image generated on-the-fly using PHP and the GD libary (imagettftext), but they are being displayed as little rectangles. I believe the reason may be that the version of PHP in my XAMPP installation is not configured to enable display of Japanese. I think PHP needs to be built with the "--enable-gd-jis-conv" switch. Can anyobdy confirm that the PHP supplied with XAMPP For Windows is not enabled for displaying Japanese using the GD library? If this is the case, do I have to compile a version of PHP?

(BTW, I know my data string holds the correct Japanese characters, as they are displayed fine in normal HTML; I have got the right utf-8 charset stuff set up in my web pages ok.)

Any helpful advice will be most gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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Re: PHP, the GD Library and Japanese

Postby nr12345 » 12. May 2011 13:47

Dude, I'm currently trying to get Japanese fonts working in PHP. Did you ever find a solution?

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