vista crashed on starting up Apache in XAMPP

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vista crashed on starting up Apache in XAMPP

Postby runpin » 30. June 2008 04:40

sorry, my poor English.

My operating system is a 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate, service pack 1, and I have installed all updates through Windows Update.

I am using Window Vista Ultimate and have been using xampp fine for a long time (from c:\xampp).

However, after I installed service pack 1, I alway get a blue screen of death (crashed) whenever I start up Apache. I installed a fresh system tody, but the question still exists. What's wrong with it?

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Postby Danodemano » 30. June 2008 15:49

What's the error that you get on the BSOD? Near the top, it should list the error message, then at the bottom, it should show you the file that caused the error.

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