How to set up remote access?

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How to set up remote access?

Postby kez » 26. June 2008 17:04

Hi, i'm starting a project with a friend and he lives far away (different continent). I want to make my computer into a webhost so that he can type in my IP and see the website we're working on. I also need a way to remotely edit my mysql and ftp since I travel a lot.

Please help!
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Postby x-files » 29. June 2008 05:05

You need to open port 80 for the Web Server and port 21 for the FTP.
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Postby imliquid » 02. July 2008 18:51

hey, im trying to do that too, set up my personal web server

i found this:

but it didn't work for me, only my computer could access it properly

and im not behind a firewall and i hav a surfboard that doesn't need port forwarding..

can someone help???
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