Buying a commercial license

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Buying a commercial license

Postby cmorrison » 25. June 2008 23:06

I've been developing an internal application for the company I work for, and now I'm ready to roll it out for other employees to use. How do I go about getting the proper licensing? Do I have to purchase separate licenses from Xampp, Apache and MySQL each? Who should I speak with about pricing? And also, is there a pricing difference between running it for Mac as opposed to Windows? Any help would be much appreciated=D
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Postby x-files » 29. June 2008 05:03

I am not a spokesman for xampp project, nor do I wish to make myself one.

Nevertheless, as far as I know: xampp and its components all are released under GPL (GNU's General Public License) and thus are freewares.

This said, a donation to help support development and servers is always appreciated by programs' authors. :idea:
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