Help: No remote access, how to?

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Help: No remote access, how to?

Postby ApacheFanFoSho » 23. June 2008 18:43

I'd like to close all links to the outside world (to my server).

I'm running the latest version of XAMPP as of this date (version 1.6.6a) and i'm trying to find out how i'd go about keeping the real world out.

I understand that one of the reasons for having a server is to let others see your site on your machine, or something along those lines, but what i want to use mine for is simply local site development, and i don't want anybody to be able to connect to my machine via XAMPP or anything that came with it.

Please help, i'd appreciate a few pointers :wink:
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Postby brduran » 23. June 2008 20:15

If you have a Router and you haven't made any changes to it, then your website is not seen from the outside. You can only see it by typing your local IP ( or http://localhost.

Go to, get your ip from there and type it in your webbrowser like if don't see your website, you're safe.
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Postby ApacheFanFoSho » 27. June 2008 00:24

Oh i see, thanks.

I wonder, what does it mean if i put and i get my router login prompt? Is it only showing me cause i'm on the network or do you reckon everyone can see it?

If everyone, how do i disallow such things...
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Postby Danodemano » 27. June 2008 03:02

I would guess that everyone can see it there, but without testing it I couldn't be sure. As for how to change that, you will need to consult that documentation for your router. It's likely as simple as unchecking a box somewhere in the configuration pages.

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