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XAMPP for Vista installation

Postby TomSteele7 » 22. June 2008 16:19

First may I apologise for submitting my question in English.
I am a complete novice with PHP, Apache and MySQL.
I have just tried to install XAMPP on my Vista computer, but I have encountered some problems. I receive error messages at various stages of the installation,
1 Port 80 or 443 (552) already in use. Installing Apache2.2 service failed.
2 Port 3036 already in use. Install MySQL service failed.
3 Service installation failed. Hint Use XAMPP control panel to manage services.
Then it strangely reports
Congratulations, the installation has been successful!
Start the XAMPP Control Panel now?
If I try and run PHP, it reports several errors, beginning with
"This application failed to start because zlib1.dll was not found"
"This application failed to start because OCI.dll was not found"
and it carries on listing .dll files that are missing.
Am I getting these errors because the program needs totally removing then reinstalling?
I have run a program called urrPorts which lists all the ports and shows all the ports mentioned as "listening"
Any help would be appreciated,
Kind Regards,
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Postby Danodemano » 22. June 2008 21:13

Go into your xampp directory and run "xampp-portcheck.exe" to determine what is running on those ports. I would guess that you have IIS installed so that's what's running on port 80 and 443. As for what's already on 3036, I wouldn't be able to guess, but the portcheck tool will tell you. Then you need to disable or remove whatever is running on those ports and reinstall xampp. After that everything should be fine.

Also, on Vista you should make sure that you install to a folder outside of the "Program Files" directories. C:\xampp is usually the best place.

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