Cannot found my.cnf file under xampp\mysql\bin

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Cannot found my.cnf file under xampp\mysql\bin

Postby xirowei » 22. June 2008 06:19

I just install XAMPP 1.6.6a (try 3 different packages, installer package and zip packages) both three of these packages when i navigate to "xampp\mysql\bin" there is no "my.cnf" file. I also try to search through the entire xampp folder of the file "my.cnf" however it still cannot be found.

May i know WHY there is no "my.cnf" in the path state above? Is there anywhere to recreate the missing "my.cnf" file? If can what is the steps involved? If possible anyone can post the entire code of the file "my.cnf" for me? Because i need this file to activate InnoDB.

Here is the picture display all the files found in "xampp\mysql\bin":

[I had found out the solution for this weird problem]
Apparently the extension of ".cnf" in my Windows XP SP3 being registered with SpeedDial. After changing the extension of ".cnf" handle by a Text Document, now the file of "my.cnf" finally become normal.
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