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xampp index page and lang.tmp

PostPosted: 20. June 2008 15:11
by Riksoft
I got errors on index page (localhost or admin button or /htdocs/xampp/index.php to be more clear). Few days ago was working right.

The problem is the lang.tmp file. Almost every cleaning tool delete .tmp files, and that was what happened to me. :)

So the first 7 lines of the index.php page of xampp could be changed this way:

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    header("Location: splash.php");
  header("Location: splash.php");

avoiding error if lang.tmp is not existing.

You need only two characters

PostPosted: 20. June 2008 19:35
by spinnifex
Hi Riksoft,

try this: the lang.tmp contains only the international shortcut for your language. Create a lang.tmp with an editor, type in "de" for German for example and save it to the same folder.

To avoid this problem next time set the attribute of the new file to write-protected.

Good luck!

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