Xampp goes slow

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Xampp goes slow

Postby kuifjesjors » 19. June 2008 18:25


I was looking to my website today, and it took 6 minutes to load the page correctly, and normaly it takes 4 seconds. So, I decided to watch my page via localhost, but then even then it takes 5 minutes, so, I was making a new index file, which contains:
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<b> test </b>

It needed really 3 minutes to load that!
Is there a way to solve this problem?
I'm using a normal connection (ADSL, 3MBiT), so, I don't use a dial-up connection.

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem,

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Postby Danodemano » 19. June 2008 19:04

It sounds to me like your server may be just saturated. I would look at your task manager and see what your CPU and memory usage looks like. Also, disconnect your system from the internet and then visit localhost again. There is also always the possibility of a DOS attack. These would be the two places that I would start just of the top of my head.

If that doesn't solve it, some system/server specs would likely prove useful. :wink:

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Postby deepsurfer » 20. June 2008 06:51

sound like "routing problems" too.

look in your - hosts - file with notepad-editor

looke like this
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# comments from Microsoft
#   localhost

if there anything more and is not from you, you can delete it.
you don't need to restart, all TCP requests reading this file.

tell us, whats going

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