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Updating WAMMP without losing settings

PostPosted: 28. October 2003 20:56
by Liath_argh
Hey there is there a way to update the wampp2 installation I have to the newest version without losing all of my settings and stuff? I can't even remember all the junk I did to get it to work like I have it now :(

If you would, email me at cause I'm working too freakin much these days :( Gotta feed the wallet so I can feed the belly :))

good ?

PostPosted: 29. October 2003 00:53
by MAGnUm
i have wondered that too?

PostPosted: 10. November 2003 15:47
by MAGnUm
ok, you might be able to copy the existing config elsewhere and put it back after an update. the only trouble is that if they add new configuration items like a new mod or like with the last release the turk mm cache then you dont get them, its better to reconfig. if you want to keep all your generic settings then it will be fine. if you have vhosts just include them via:

Code: Select all
Include conf/your_vhost_file.conf

that way you can add one line instead of adding lots!