XAMPP & Visual Studio 2008 (Vista Basic)

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XAMPP & Visual Studio 2008 (Vista Basic)

Postby kajala » 14. June 2008 08:54

Hi all,

Briefly: Apache (XAMPP 1.6.6a) crashes because of the SQL services registered/launched by Visual Studio 2008 automatically at PC startup.

If I manually stop all the services (MS SQL Express, SQL Writer) run by Visual Studio, then XAMPP Apache works fine. But thats not too great since I do development both in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

There are no overlapping ports as far as I can see, and I don't have Apache running on default port 80.

Second but very minor issue: I've configured Apache to some other port than 80, but still when I start Apache the XAMPP control panel console says "Apache started [Port 80]" even if it's not configured to port 80 (and does not run in port 80, so localhost:80 fails...)

Anyway, otherwise thanks for the XAMPP package, nice one. :)

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