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Development Version of XAMPP

Postby jjhiggi » 11. June 2008 21:13

Are there any instructions for what to do with the XAMPP development installation?

I downloaded the zip and placed the folder on my C drive, but what do I need to do next? How do I get it to "install"?

The reason I am using the development package is because I need to get phpize working so that I can install ffmpeg.

Does anyone know how to install the development version of XAMPP?
Does anyone know how to install the phpize extension for XAMPP?
Does anyone know how to install ffmpeg for XAMPP?
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Postby Rogier21 » 03. July 2008 09:20

Maybe somebody from the team can reply to this?

I have the same problem, how do I get the phpize from xampp to work in linux? If I run /opt/lampp/bin/phpize I get complete crap out of my extensions...
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