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Place JSP outside webapps (Tomcat)

PostPosted: 10. June 2008 18:20
by brunushky
Hi All
Im new to Tomcat Server, right now Im runing Tomcat addon and I want to know if there is a way to place the web content outside the webapps folder...

I want to define sites something like this "C:\www\mySite\" and then place WEB-INF, JSP or WAR files in this folder, and load the site in this way ie http:\\mySite\index.jsp

I already worked with virtualhost for Apache...but I dont know if there is a way to do the same with Tomcat ...

Thanks :)

PostPosted: 11. June 2008 04:09
by brunushky
So someone know if is posible setting this in Tomcat ?

I'll appreciate your help .... thanks

PostPosted: 17. June 2008 07:29
by brunushky
OK I was reading something about this ...and I think that the only way to make this, is setting multiple instance of tomcat... (tell me if Im wrong...) :?

So my question now is how can I run multiple instances of Tomcat? where I should change and how I should change CATALINA_BASE variable...(is this variable the key to solve it...?) :shock:

Thanks again...