Not connecting to IP address

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Not connecting to IP address

Postby mikealex » 10. June 2008 00:35

Well I just re-installed XAMPP and for some reason it isn't working now. It was working fine when I had the direct cable modem connection but now it isn't with wireless. Could it be a problem with my router? localhost is working fine but every time I try my IP address nothing works. I noticed it's the same using wireless on my laptop as well, note that it was working fine with the cable modem connection. Any ideas?
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Postby LooseCannon » 13. June 2008 12:13

Hello and welcome mikealex.

I'm not sure about your situation. Has the network _and_ installation changed? It could be an issue with either or both...

Some background and setup info might help my understanding, so please fill in the picture some more. :)
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