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XAMPP Make Certificate

Postby random1 » 08. June 2008 09:13

How can you generate a new test SSL certificate in XAMPP?

Any tutorials or step-by-step?
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Postby wanttoshop » 09. June 2008 02:32

Have a look here.


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Certificates in Firefox?

Postby random1 » 19. June 2008 11:08

Hey All,

I recently reinstalled XAMPP from fresh and by default the websites load as an alert:


Browser: Firefox 3

Is there a way I can just set the cetificate to expire in 2009?

makecert.exe fails every time.
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Postby Wiedmann » 19. June 2008 11:31

makecert.exe fails every time

You mean "makecert.bat"?

Is there an error message?
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Postby random1 » 21. June 2008 02:32

yes i meant makecert.bat.

I have run it again and it created it this time, no errors reported.

After the error message appears is:

The certificate is not trusted becuase it is self-signed.


How do I get it to accept this self-signed test certificate?
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Postby Danodemano » 21. June 2008 03:06

The short answer is, you don't. To get a fully-trusted certificate, you must pay a trusted CA a pretty good sum of money (per year). A self-signed certificate will never be trusted by browsers for the simple reason that anyone can create them.

However, the connection IS still fully encrypted, despite the lack of trust. We run an Exchange server with a self-signed certificate. All our users have to allow access into the site, and it's a bit of a pain, but the connection is still encrypted and secure.

But if you want to have a fully-trusted site, then you must get a certificate from a company such as Comodo, Thawt, Verisign, GoDaddy, or another similar company.


P.S. If the error you are referring to is coming from FF, this appears to be a bug in FF itself where it (sometimes) won't allow a connection to the server if the cert is untrusted. A quick google search reveals some more details on this.
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