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PostPosted: 28. October 2003 05:17
by Guest
I installed minixampp v1.0 But i have a problem, 2 copy of php.ini files.
1: php/php.ini
2: apache/bin/php.ini

Apache is read 2. php.ini. I delete this file an looking phpinfo(); "php.ini file: no value"
How i 1. php.ini to current file? Because i working other librarys (sockets.dll etc..)


PostPosted: 29. October 2003 00:51
by MAGnUm
put it where the original php.ini was, the one that WAMPP php uses is #2 (apache/bin/php.ini) so copy the file you want to use there. also your question was not clear to me so if i didn't answer it sorry. :?: :D