BUG: (setup_xampp.bat) doesn't update all paths.

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BUG: (setup_xampp.bat) doesn't update all paths.

Postby Donat76 » 30. May 2008 01:36

I use the folder install since it is very easy. I click (setup_xampp.bat) to set the paths in the configuration files.

When I change the XAMPP installation folder's name and rerun (setup_xampp.bat) to update the paths in the configuration files, it updates
19 paths in (.\path_changed\MercuryMail\MERCURY.INI) but does not update the 3 listed below in bold.

Is there a way this can be fix in the next release along with the small issue in this thread?


(MERCURY.INI - Lines 16 - 22)

myname: subdomain.domain.com # Canonical name for this server
timezone: -0600 # Time Zone to add to date fields
file_api: 1 # Use the file api instead of queues
mailqueue: C:\XAMPP\MERCURYMAIL\QUEUE # Where mail should be put for delivery
smtpqueue: C:\XAMPP\MERCURYMAIL\QUEUE # Where the SMTP client should look for mail
newmail_path: C:\XAMPP\MERCURYMAIL\MAIL\~N # Where to find the users' WinPMail mailboxes.
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