Port Forwarding on server

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Port Forwarding on server

Postby roadrunner » 29. May 2008 06:45

I am on a intranet with many computers connected to a server.I have a static ip address(internal) but i am not able to port forward utorrent. When i log on to the server (default Gateway) i have the following options in firewall options

Source & Destination Information
Source Domain Name/IP Address (* for all)-to get port forwarding to work i think this should be on * but bcos I am on an intranet it will forward all the ip addresses to me and i my port is forwarded properly but every1else has a problem.

Destination Domain Name/IP Address*

Port Details
Source Port*

Port Type*(include or exclude)

Destination Port*

Port Type*(include or exclude)

Network Protocol* (choose ONE)
All Protocols

Rule action:Accept,deny,proxy,port forwarding

If u click on port forwarding then u get the option of

Forwarding Address Information
Forwarded IP Address*
Forwarded Port*
TCP or UDP (select one)

I dont have any info about if we are on the router or how to know the router model no. and if it is required to know the details. When i typed the default gateway ip address in the web browser and log on to the server it does not give me any info of the router model no. Is there any any other way that i can know the router model number as I am connected by lan and there is only one router i guess in the server room.

I want to know what settings should I put in the firewall settings to forward the port so that i am able to download from utorrent.I used to use the proxy option b4 with source ip (my intranet ip address) detination ip-*, destination port-*,source port-*,firewall rule-proxy,but i was not able to use it with utorrent only also tried flasget but the speeds were 25% of the normal speeds. Please help me..
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Please help

Postby roadrunner » 31. May 2008 08:24

Any Luck guys I really need your help very badly. please help me out.
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