I was realy hapy but...

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I was realy hapy but...

Postby Hkiev » 27. May 2008 14:52

Hi everyone!

First of all, my apologies for my poor english.

I was using Xampplite since 2 days and i was very happy of it. I found it much much beter than easyphp, and complex websites (using CSS smarty db...) works well on it. But today nothing works anymore. I changed nothing to my configuration, i was just trying to make a debug test on eclipse when the crash happend.

The problem:
- I can't access anymore (neither localhost or phpmyadmin or my websites) on my browser, i've got the Xampp icon but it returns me a white page.
- Xampp apache server (on port 80) says me it's connected (green) as well a s mysql, but if i try to refresh for example , i've got a white screen on my browser and Xampp apache server stop. In addition, i've got a vista error : "Apache HTTP Server has stoped working".

I realy enjoyed the last two days with Xampplite, and if someone had a solution to my problem, it would realy save me :D
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Postby Hkiev » 27. May 2008 21:57


I've got some fresh news.

When i use internet explorer i am able to go to localhost, phpmyadmin... Why since today i can't access them with firefox? I realy duno, that's weird.

If someone has a solution ^^

here is the not working firefox link:

here is the working ie link:
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