DocumentRoot ... does not exist

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DocumentRoot ... does not exist

Postby kggmvmv » 24. May 2008 06:25

I *hope* this is not really a Drupal question,
but fundamentally an XAMPP question.

I have for some days been unable to access http://localhost,
getting an "Access Denied" page.

I shut everything down w/ the control panel,
deleted all the lines in xampp/apache/logs,
then started everything up again.

This resulted in only 11 lines in the log, 3 of which were this:
Code: Select all
Warning: DocumentRoot [C:/Program Files/xampp/htdocs/drupal] does not exist

This is true, as far as it goes. However:
* First, there is no "xampp" in "C:/Program Files" at all -- I installed it in "D:/Program Files".
* Second, I don't especially want anything related to Drupal
to be the default page on my localhost --
at the present time, I'm happy to specify the directory for Drupal;
yet *somewhere* Apache (?) is determining that this file
is supposed to be the "home page" for localhost.

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Postby Wiedmann » 24. May 2008 06:43

Did you have more references to "C:/Program Files/xampp/" in the XAMPP config files?
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Postby kggmvmv » 24. May 2008 15:47

I did a search through the entire D:\Program Files\xampp folder
for instances of even just C:\Program Files -- nary a one.
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Postby sari42 » 25. May 2008 14:02

try a path w/o spaces, e.g., D:\Xampp\.....
(or surround any path with double quotes)
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Postby kggmvmv » 27. May 2008 05:02

As it happened, various other things were starting to glitch up,
undoubtedly as a result of my meddling.
In the end, I wound up just deinstalling everything and starting over.
That made the error message go away,
but unfortunately it means that the source of the problem
did not get isolated for the benefit of future generations.
If it starts happening again, I'll pick up where sari42 left off.
Thanks for your patience.
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