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Postby stoic » 23. May 2008 20:25

Hi all:

I'm thinking about installing XAMPP to support and run Joomla. But I already have IIS, MySQL (running as the service "MySQL"), and PHP installed on my XP Pro (SP2) machine.
What's the best way of getting XAMPP running? Should I stop IIS and MySQL, then install XAMPP and run it? Will I have to stop IIS and MySQL every time I start XAMPP? (Or does it run as a service and so is always started?)
I don't want to do alternate port mapping for XAMPP--too many people here are having problems with that--would simply like to get a default install of XAMPP working, and before installing, would like to know how to handle conflicts with IIS, MySQL, and PHP. Turn IIS and MySQL off? Uninstall MySQL?
Am looking for the simplest solution. I don't need to run IIS/MySQL/PHP at this time, but would like to retain them for when I'm done with Joomla, if possible.
(In fact, anyone know if Joomla can be run with IIS?) Thanks in advance!
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