Problem with WinMySqlAdmin

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Problem with WinMySqlAdmin

Postby contact7 » 23. May 2008 10:03

Hi there,

I've been using xampp for a few years now and it worked perfectly. Not a single complaint. Yesterday I decided to install the latest version (since I hadn't upgraded it for ages).

I installed the latest version without uninstalling the old one first.
Now everytime I start my PC I get the following error:

Access Violation at address 10002593 in module LIBMYSQL.dll. Read of address 0000000.

The message comes up every 5 seconds. It stops only when i close WinMySqlAdmin.

Any thoughts on this?
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Postby contact7 » 24. May 2008 17:21

I uninstalled xampp completely and re-installed it but I still get the same error message..
Any thoughts?
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Postby sari42 » 25. May 2008 14:11

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